Wind Concerns Ontario points out the anti-democratic nature of the Green Energy Act in its presentation to the Standing Committee for Bill 150 on April 20th:

1.  Over the last number of years the government of Ontario has permitted industrial wind complexes to creep into rural Ontario without considering their effects on people, animals or the environment. As well-meaning but naive municipal councils bought into the half truths and double talk of the industrial wind lobby, no government agency was guarding the interests of the rural residents of Ontario.

Wind Concerns has done the research that should have been completed by our government BEFORE it embraced its ill-advised policy.

2.  Our research teams have concluded that the “removal of barriers” for renewable energy is simply a sly way of creating special and unprecedented privileges for what is at best a very costly, marginally effective, highly subsidized industry.

The people of rural Ontario are becoming increasingly aware and outraged that this bill removes their democratic rights and makes them second-class citizens. Thirty municipal and county councils representing over half a million people have already objected to the abrogation of all traditional and rational planning procedures.

3.  You must expect that the major dissatisfaction already loudly voiced will continue to grow if the approach of the Liberal Government to this bill is not radically changed.

They seem pretty upset. Read the rest.

Update: I have been advised that the link to the presentation has been changed. The links above have been updated. The presention is now in PDF format and can be viewed here.