Green Inc., the New York Times energy and environment blog, takes an interest in Toronto’s green bin program and its ability to compost dirty diapers:

But Oakland’s composting program, my friends asserted, could learn a thing or two from Toronto. That city composts not just food scraps, yard trimmings and paper napkins (like Oakland), but also dirty diapers – a non-stop source of waste for many families.

I didn’t believe this until I checked the Web site, but it’s true. Toronto collects diapers and other organic items and sends them to a processing facility. The resultant compost gets distributed to farmland and parks. That’s right: Canada’s babies and toddlers, for all their messes, are helping Canadian crops to grow.

 The program, called “Green Bin,” also accepts animal waste, kitty litter and sanitary products.

Despite the purported benefits of being able to compost diapers, Toronto’s waste management system is a mess. If Oakland is to “learn a thing or two from Toronto,” it would be how not to do it.