Tyler Hamilton is an indispensable source of information on renewable energy policy in Ontario. The fact that he often comes off sounding like a shill for the industry (yes, the green industry has its shills too) is perhaps not surprising. He has carved out a nice little niche for himself, and seems happy to ride the wave while it lasts.

His last two columns in the Toronto Star purport to set the record straight on wind. So far, Hamilton seems relatively unconvinced by the growing arguments against the efficacy of wind generation. For the moment, at least the purveyors of wind would seem to have the upper hand.

As an ambitious journalist (admittedly a very tough field these days), it would be folly to provide sustenance to those who would question the wisdom of covering Ontario with wind turbines, hence, his dismissive attitude toward the arguments of wind’s detractors. Consequently, it would be unwise to rely on exclusively on Hamilton’s interpretation of these arguments.

As an antidote to Hamilton’s rosy view on wind, I recommend reading Wind Concerns Ontario’s response to one of his columns, as well as Michael Trebilcock’s skewering of the Danish green energy ‘miracle’.