If there was any doubt about the agenda of the climate-change chicken littles before, the forthcoming U.S. transportation bill, sponsored by two powerful Democrats,  removes that doubt. It is now clear our very lifestyles are under attack.

It’s hard to articulate just how different our transportation policy would be if we took seriously the goal of reducing per capita VMT [vehicle miles traveled]. And it is a worthy goal. American life should not involve a constrant increase in the amount of time one is forced to be behind the wheel of a car.

Personally, I ride my bicycle to work when the weather is nice, take public transit when it is not (i.e., all winter) and drive my care less than 8,000 km each year. But why do politicians think they can tell me what to do? I can make my own choices, thank you very much. If it makes sense for me to drive, I will drive. Don’t tell me I can’t use my car.

The automobile is a symbol of our freedom. If they take away our right to use our cars, they take away our freedom. Back off jerks.