Lorrie Goldstein has a great column today on cap and trade

Because we have no practical way at present to stop carbon dioxide from going into the atmosphere when fossil fuels are burned, the only way to do it is to increase the cost of fossil fuels, so we’ll use less.

That’s all cap-and-trade does. It’s government trying to reduce GHG emissions by, in effect, deliberately creating a recession in which all of us use less energy because we have to pay more for it and, further, have less money to buy anything else.

Introducing cap-and-trade in good economic times would be suspect.

Introducing it during the worst global recession since the Great Depression is stark, raving, mad.

And it’s not just electricity that’s going to go up.

So is the cost of food and virtually everything we buy, because it takes energy to grow it, manufacture it and transport it to market.

So is the cost of heating and cooling our homes, for the vast majority.

So is our water bill, because it takes electricity to pump it to our homes.

The cost of government is going to go up because governments are increasingly subsidizing — with our money — hopelessly inefficient “renewable energy” projects such as wind and solar power, where the technology is years away from reliable, affordable, on-demand use, compared to traditional energy sources.

Cap-and-trade is government and industry sitting down behind closed doors to cut up a big fat wad of even more of our money than they take now, in a negotiation where we don’t get a seat at the table.