In a particularly egregious example of bad environmental policy (in area where bad policy is the general rule), Canada decided a couple of years ago to ban incandescent light bulbs by 2012. And yet, recent news suggests researchers are discovering ways to make it more efficient.

The race to find more efficient lighting technologies appears to have an unlikely dark horse: the incandescent light bulb.

While traditional incandescents will soon be phased out in the United States and abroad, researchers are plugging away to create more efficient versions that comply with looming new standards — while also providing an alternative for consumers who find compact fluorescents objectionable.

Scientists at the University of Rochester gave Green Inc. an advanced peek at their newly-developed method for nearly doubling the efficiency of an incandescent by blackening the tungsten filament with a short pulse laser.

I hope they can pull if off. We all want to save energy, but the CFL lights I recently installed in my bathroom are ghastly. Plus, they take almost as long to warm up as a typical visit to the john. Of course, the federal government will have to reverse their ban. How about we ban politicians who think they know better than us instead?