Lorrie Goldstein has been on a roll lately in his criticisms of climate change hysterics and Ontario energy policy. Of course, his columns elicit the usual mindless attacks about being bought by the oil companies. But as he points out

… if you really want to skim the fiscal cream on the issue of man-made global warming these days, the last place you want to be is in the camp of the so-called skeptics, or, as I prefer to call us — sane.

No, where you want to be if you’re in it for the money, is in like flint with the politicians, environmentalists and energy companies who constantly preach that they’re all about saving the planet, even if it costs us every last cent we own.

Speaking of hysterics, have a look at this:

As resources and wealth shrink, and climate change is unleashed, we could well see a growing social justice crisis that makes our current, already deep gap between rich and poor look like a small scrape.

Nice institute you’ve got there. Who’s getting rich from climate change?

ht: to Joanne at Blue Like You. I’ve added her blog to my blogroll (btw, thanks for adding Green Grift to yours). I would encourage you to visit as the blog has some of the most stimulating discussions on this and other current issues.