mmmmThe Economist puts the summer pastime of barbecuing under the green microscope:

Is it better for the environment to use a device that burns charcoal to cook food or a design that is connected to steel cylinders of liquefied petroleum gas?


Mr Johnson decided to identify the carbon footprint associated with each method of barbecuing, calculating its impact across the whole of the grill’s lifetime. For each barbecue, he assessed the production, use and disposal of the grill. For the charcoal device, he also considered the production of charcoal, its shipping, use and disposal. For the gas grill, he considered the production, use and disposal of the device along with the production of the liquefied petroleum gas, its storage in canisters, the transport of those canisters, their use and disposal.


But to be truly green, perhaps it would be best to dispense with the barbecue all together and settle for a cucumber sandwich—spread with soya, naturally.