A new report, entitled How to Get Climate Policy Back on Course, makes the case that the Kyoto approach to climate change has failed. As the Wall Street Journal Environmental Capital blog puts it:

Current climate policy, exemplified by the Kyoto Protocol and its likely successor, has failed. Emissions targets are unenforceable and usually tough for signatories to meet. By leaving out developing countries, Kyoto may have even been counterproductive.

Well duh. 

Real progress on reducing greenhouse-gas emissions will be easier—and crucially, cheaper—if the world focuses less on headline-grabbing targets and more on doing what it’s done for the last two centuries. That is, steadily decarbonizing the energy system by using cleaner forms of energy, more efficient industrial processes, and the like.

So, in other words, Stephen Harper’s focus on emissions-intensity was the right approach. More with less, not less with less as exemplified in the Kyoto Accord. Why then are we following Obama?