Lorrie Goldstein has another great column questioning the wisdom of industrial wind turbines:

These aren’t your grandmother’s little Dutch windmills harnessing the air to grind grain and allow people to live below sea level .

Wind turbines are huge structures made of steel that can easily soar 40-storeys, towering over homes, farms and communities.

Those who tend to sing their praises loudest are people living far away from them, along with local landowners and politicians cashing in on the leasing fees and taxes the industry is happy to pay, given the huge financial subsidies governments are earmarking for wind power.


Put wind turbines in the wrong place and they’ll produce less wind energy over their lifetimes than the fossil fuel energy it took to build them. Given present technology, wind cannot be relied upon to provide base load or “on demand” power and must be backed by other forms of energy — not always green.

And yet, if Dalton McGuinty and George Smitherman get their way, Ontario will be covered with industrial wind farms. Welcome to the climate-industrial complex.