smart-carOwners of large SUVs have been attacked by sanctimonious environmentalists for years.  Now the shoe is on the other foot.

Owners of pint-sized Smart cars aren’t laughing about reports that vandals may be targeting the tiny vehicles in a 21st-century take on tipping cows over.The Internet and blogosphere are abuzz with media reports that pranksters may have pushed several of the tiny vehicles into canals in Amsterdam.

And now a man in his 40s is charged with mischief for allegedly tipping a Smart car onto its side along Edmonton’s Whyte Avenue, a trendy bar-and-boutique strip that sometimes attracts rowdy drinkers.

Windows, exterior mirrors and panelling on the car were damaged, and despite the outrage of owner Kevin Spaans, amused bystanders posed with the flipped car and snapped photos with their cellphone cameras.

Is this the beginning of a green backlash?