The Toronto Sun has a good editorial today asking questions about green jobs.

With news Ontario is negotiating with South Korea’s Samsung Group for wind turbines and solar panels in a deal Energy Minister George Smitherman says could bring billions of dollars of investment and hundreds of green jobs to the province, we have some questions.

They also apply to the 50,000 “new” green jobs Smitherman and Premier Dalton McGuinty claim Ontario’s Green Energy Act will create over the next three years.

First, does this mean 50,000 more jobs before or after jobs losses in the traditional energy sector are subtracted?

Second, how many of these jobs will be permanent?

Third, what will be the taxpayer subsidy per job created?

Fourth, how long will these subsidies last?

Fifth, what impact will this have on electricity rates?

And yet, with a seemingly straight face, Jim Harris argues in the National Post that green-collar jobs will pay for themselves.

Which begs the question: Why are we subsidizing them?