Tyler Hamilton is feeling the heat. He is clearly worried that if governments back off taking precipitious action to slay the climate change bogeyman, his livelihood as a “senior energy reporter and columnist” is at risk, which perhaps explains this strange post on his blog Clean Break:

George Monbiot slams Canadian government for thuggish ways

Heat author and environmental activist George Monbiot has what I believe is a column that accurately describes how Canada is viewed internationally as world leaders head to Copenhagen to hammer out some sort of climate agreement. The column is titled “The Urgent Threat to World Peace is … Canada.” I would argue it also accurately describes how many Canadians view the actions — or inactions — of their own government. Please read, and please pass around. It’s time to get viral.

While supporters of catastrophic views of climate change often point to their critics as somehow being in the pocket of “big oil” insufficient attention seems to be paid to the motivations and incentives of the climate change alarmists. Tyler Hamiliton has made a career writing about renewable energy. His blog posts of late suggests he is feeling threatened.

Maybe its time for us to also get viral and let his employers at the Toronto Star know that anything he writes on renewable energy and climate change is now suspect. He has obviously been captured by the interests he is supposed to report on. So much for journalistic integrity.

As to Monbiot’s idiotic ramblings, it is worthwhile checking his sources. Parroting the specious claims of Canada’s enviro-left lends little credence to his thesis that Canada is some sort of climate-change thug. After riding the climate change issue to relative fame and fortune, Monbiot must also sense he is now on the wrong side of the issue. Sorry George.