Gerson Lehrman Group provides an interesting assessment of Ontario’s $10 billion dollar deal with Samsung:
Ontario governments like to crow about how great this province is. The Samsung deal reflects a much different reality, a tacit admission that the best the Province is capable of is assembling things under careful supervision from foreign companies (Auto-Pact revisited.) To make it even more vivid, Samsung, which is a relative newcomer to the green energy business, has said it is looking to use expertise from its other heavy industry divisions, including its shipbuilding group, to establish itself as a major manufacturer of wind turbines!
[2.2] the deal had a familiar shape of a developing country “standard”. One partner was a successful international consortium with deep pockets and manufacturing expertise, the other a backward jurisdiction so hungry for jobs that it had to pay the big company what amounts to a bribe to do the deal. The whole thing was arranged directly with the jurisdiction’s leader without the bother of competition. It’s the kind of deal one might expect in the Third World, except that it was Ontario on the Third World side of the equation. But the worst is yet to come: 
[2.3]   there are numerous Ontario companies trying to get a foothold in the green energy business. After all, “wind turbines derived from the shipbuilding”, as was Samsung claim, don’t seem to be a rocket science métier.  If the government had cut a similar deal to support made-in-Ontario innovation, it could perhaps have been justified. Instead, it is slamming the door on these Ontario companies right in their own backyard.
“The Samsung deal is not just about manufacturing wind turbines,” said OEC spokesperson Paul Kahnert.”…It’s a private scheme to generate electricity at outrageous … rates -for years to come….” Kahnert said the province’s electrical utilities operators can buy, install and maintain made-in- Ontario windmills more cheaply without Samsung in the picture. The fact of the matter is therefore quite simple.  The Ontario Government has given away $7B of taxpayer’s money to offshore interests with NO assurance that Ontario society’s investment will create the promised jobs and economies of scale for alternative power generation.
Too true.