Ontario aspires to become one of the global leaders in green energy, like Spain. Apparently, we have a lot of catching up to do. Let’s hope the gap stays wide:

All this bluster about trade wars, burying the opposition in wind turbine blades and biogas feedstocks, only works if you don’t really mean it.  What would be really great is to convince your rivals to overpay for energy – by a lot.[1] The EU has already volunteered to do this and is watching its future slowly sink into a sea of red ink created by renewable energy subsidies and excessive taxes on electricity and fuels to pay the subsidies (okay, welfare state benefits hurt, too, a lot).  Spain’s annual subsidy bill for renewable energy is now about $38 billion—more than twice what the U.S. federal government spends—to subsidize energy for an economy just one-ninth the size of the US.