With the Green Lobby already dictating energy policy here in Ontario, it should perhaps come as no surprise that Big Environment also has the U.S. government in its pocket:

After Barak Obama used Spain as a model for successful green job creation, a Spanish university published a paper showing that for every four jobs created in the green energy sector, nine jobs were lost in the productive sector of the economy. The study found it cost almost $900,000 to create each ‘green’ job in Spain. Spain now has an unemployment rate of more than 19 per cent.

The wind energy lobby – the American Wind Energy Association – started attacking the Spanish study. Then, the  Obama administration used an agency of the US department of Energy (DoE)  to attack the study. That agency is headed up by Assistant Secretary of Energy Cathy Zoi, the former CEO of Al Gore’s Alliance for Climate Protection, and the person responsible for shovelling a lot of ‘green job’ stimulus out the door.

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