Climate Progress, ever on the alert for possible transgressions by Big Oil, uncovers this latest travesty:

API is running full-page ads in Politico and Roll Call that attack Congress for “new energy taxes” — using stock photos…

Oh my! This is what happens when you let graphic artists loose at the public relations firms working for Big Oil. They think they can use stock photos with impunity.

Following this astounding revelation, they go on:  

The target of this ad is the Obama administration’s effort to remove $36 billion in loopholes and subsidies for the oil industry…

Americans are paying the price for these subsidies with our tax dollars, our health, and our national security. Removing these subsidies would “ripple through the economy” by unleashing a clean-energy future.

Sounds reasonable. Why should any industry be subsidized? Let’s take away all their subsidies.

But once the dust settles, I’m sure there will still be a U.S. oil industry. As to the “clean-energy future,” I’m not so sure. The so-called economics of most renewable energy projects only works because of huge government subsidies (e.g., tax credits, grants, etc.) and regulatory preferences (e.g., mandated renewable portfolio standards, generous feed-in tariffs, environmental assessment exemptions, etc.). 

By all means, level the playing field. But in calling for the removal of subsidies from the oil industry, Big Environment is really saying “take away their subsidies not mine.”