Whenever governments throw money around, the opportunists and scammers will come out to play.

During the past two years, Ottawa, Ontario and the City of Toronto have handed out more than $1 billion in government rebates and interest-free loans to help homeowners and residential developers go green.

Despite the growing number of incentives — the list fills a 65-page document — the Star found there are few quality-control standards to protect consumers from incompetent “eco experts” looking to cash in on the booming industry.

As the examples in the article illustrate, the “green” industry has no more claim to virtue than any other. We are all marks in their confidence game, whether from lobbyists foisting their high-cost wind turbines and solar panels on electricity ratepayers, politicians wrapping themselves in green with taxpayer money to buy your vote or fly-by-night “eco-experts” trying to milk generous government programs and unsuspecting homeowners.