What is it with leftist politicians that they feel compelled to load up even the most mundane project such as a homeless shelter with superfluous amenities such as a green roof/smoking area?

Toronto’s auditor general released a report Thursday saying this new city shelter at 129 Peter St. will cost $11.5 million, double what council approved for the project. And when it finally does open its doors, it’ll be more than two years past the original May 2008 completion date.


Decisions were made to add a green roof and rooftop smoking area but the 1920-vintage building required “significant structural changes” to support the weight. The final tally for the green roof and smoking area is about $1 million.

There is nothing green about a $1 million green roof for a 40-bed homeless shelter. The resources that went into building it far outweigh any environmental benefits, including carbon reduction, that are likely to be derived from it over the life of the project. Meanwhile, the taxpayer is once again stuck with the bill.