Blogging has definitely been light as of late. It must have something to do with global warming. It’s been so damn hot lately.

Along these lines, Best of the Web posted this juxtaposition today:

Two Newsmagazines in One!

• “Ultimately, however, it’s a mistake to use any one storm–or even a season’s worth of storms–to disprove climate change (or to prove it; some environmentalists have wrongly tied the lack of snow in Vancouver, the site of the Winter Olympic Games, which begin this week, to global warming). Weather is what will happen next weekend; climate is what will happen over the next decades and centuries.”–, Feb. 10

• “As the worst heat wave on record spawns wildfires that are destroying entire villages, Russian officials have made what for them is a startling admission: global warming is very real. . . . There may turn out to be a bright side to Russia’s devastating weather: one of the nations most responsible for driving climate change may finally start trying to do something about it.”–, Aug. 3

And a few more links:

Expert: Win climate change debate by easing off science

“Climate scientists — stop talking about climate science. We lost. It’s over. Forget it,” Foley told a surprised audience during a featured panel discussion on the last day of the three-day forum.

Is Environmentalism a Luxury Good?

Add environmentalism to the long list of things the Great Recession may have successfully pulverized.

Keep your experimental windmills away from school buses

Recognizing the turbine was spinning dangerously fast, nearby workers attempted in vain to shut it down.

More than 400 feet of blades came loose, flying into nearby fields and narrowly missing a number of parked school buses on a neighbouring storage lot.