I work in a renewable energy policy role. While I am sympathetic to the need to diversify our energy sources (including energy from renewables), I am often astounded at the policy choices that are being made to achieve this objective.

As I see it, policy is being driven at the political level and, for the most part, the lobbyists are getting their way.

We can do a lot better.


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  1. Kelly Says:

    I’ll second that!

  2. Quixote Says:

    We can also expose these “Grifters” for what they are doing. To allow our Government to literally “embezzle” our money in order to line their cages with “our” money and not expose them for what they are is as bad as letting the Wind Industry carry on with their scheme to “con” the public without a public outcry. Anyone and I mean anyone who has “researched” this whole world wide Wind Turbine phenomenon can come to no other conclusion that this is one of the biggest “cons” ever to be unleashed on this planet in modern times! Disgusting!

  3. Tom Adams Says:

    I noticed your comments reacting to Paul Gipe’s self-promotion piece about the GEA posted to the newsletter Renewable Energy Weekly. You might be interested in some of the posting on my blog tomadamsenergy.com addressing grid integration of wind and the Green Energy Act. Although I am hopeful that renewable energy technologies will eventually be able to make a significant positive contribution, I am concerned with the absurdity of current subsidy schemes and the ignorance that is driving policy.

    1. greengrift Says:

      Very interested. I’ve added your site to my blogroll.

      Looking forward to reading your insights.

  4. Updated links to the blog site have been made, making it easier to find on the www. You might have gone looking for updates and the original blogspot domain has moved.

    Thought I’d update you with the link.

    – Michael

  5. Anonymous Says:

    It’s nice to see another Ontario blog attempting to expose the Con of wind turbines and Global Warming…ah hum…I mean Climate change.

    Added your link to our blogroll at WeGRAIT.wordpress.com
    West Grey Residents Against Industrial Turbines


  6. W.E. Heasley Says:

    Found your blog from a comment over at Haab and Whitehead’s site (environmental economics).

    Read over your blog and found it very enlightening.

    Added your link to our blog.

    Good luck!

    1. greengrift Says:

      Thanks. I perused your blog as well. Nice to see some hardhitting critiques of Obamacare.

  7. Patrick Izen Says:


    Just wanted to let you know we’ve sold out and moved our site from wordpress.com.
    The link in your blog roll directs to our old (empty) site.

    The new address is enviralment.ca in case you want to update it.
    Feel free to delete this comment after you make the link change.

    Thank you!

  8. SherryGreens Says:

    I am just interested why you think this – even if you don’t believe climate change to be man made, isn’t it a good thing overall to limit pollution? If we take out all the coal and oil out of the land and put it into the sky, after it took millions of years to be deposited, where does that leave us? If you don’t think it leads to a warmer planet, you must still concede that it leads to a polluted planet. No?

    1. Tom Says:

      Dear SherryGreens,

      Have a look at the modern coal-fired power plants in operation now in Europe, Japan, and the US. Canada hosts one of the these modern units in Alberta — Genessee 3 — and is building more. They are producing smog-free power from coal.

      1. SherryGreens Says:

        Um, no. I live in Alberta and am very well versed in Genessee 3. They are leading edge, but still emit only 18% lower CO2 than recently retired coal plants in Alberta. I believe the future will rest on clean coal, as there are so many coal plants in China, there is no way around it. Please see http://www.capitalpower.com/About/OurOperations/Pages/Genesee3.aspx

    2. greengrift Says:

      Thanks Tom.

      Sherry still seems to be in the chicken-little phase. Either we do something now or we are all doomed.

      In that, she presents a false picture of the current situation. We are not going to run out of carbon-based energy any time soon. The world is getting less polluted as we get richer. And whatever one believes about man’s contribution to our climate, we have yet to come up with viable energy alternatives that can sustain our current living standards.

      Thus far, our attempts to deal with climate change (accepting that GHGs are the main culprit) have been very costly and largely ineffective. Some policies such as supporting biofuels and corn ethanol have actually made things worse.

      To address these issues, we need to remain vigilant against self-interested rhetoric and consider the alternatives on their true scientific and economic merits. By all means, we should be going after the low-hanging fruit (e.g., efficiency improvements) and taking incremental steps (e.g., improving building codes) to reduce our long-term energy consumption. But we should never let a false sense of urgency lock us in to poor or premature choices (e.g., wind and solar generation).

      Never underestimate our adaptability and inventiveness. I believe we can surmount these challenges in good time. We just have to be smart about it.

      1. SherryGreens Says:

        I agree we need to be smart about it, and I agree that planting fields of corn for ethanol fuel was a bad idea. But look at Denmark – they are 50% generated by wind power. Look at Germany – they enjoy the same standard of living and use only 50% of C02 per person, due to higher density living and way better public transport. We can do a lot better here. We have to try. All I am saying is that we have to try.

      2. greengrift Says:

        look at Denmark

        Are you serious? They pay about four times what we pay for electricity and the impact of all that wind on GHGs is questionable.

        Please look at Denmark again.

  9. greengrift Says:

    Thanks Mr. Anonymous for that anonymous comment.

  10. E.A. Says:

    You’ve got some good posts but your blog is marred by global warming denial as an angle to fight wind turbines, etc. I’d remove those posts and make this blog more scientific.

    Admitting that Man is mucking up nature’s balance on many fronts is not some sort of defeat, it’s just reality.

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